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Type Scraper range Connection All length mm(inch) ID mm(inch) Qty. of blade
GX 4-1/2 92—112 2-3/8REG 895 25 2×3
GX 5 95—118 NC26 895 25 2×3
GX 5-1/2 110—133 2-7/2REG 1010 32 2×3
GX 6-5/8 136—162 3-1/2REG 1010 32 2×3
GX 7 142—168 3-1/2REG 1010 32 2×3
GX 8-5/8 177—155 3-1/2REG 1200 38.1 2×3
GX 9-5/8 209—235 4-1/2REG 1212 57 2×5
GX 10-3/4 260—240 6-5/8REG 1500 57 2×5
GX 13-3/8 290—330 6-5/8REG 1372 71 2×7

Casing Scraper is ideal for the removal of mud, cement, bullets, rust, scale, paraffin, perforation burrs and other obstructions from the inside walls of casing. Maintaining a clean casing I.D. is important when operating drilling, fishing, or wireline tools.


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